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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Game time and the perfect weekend!

I have a bunch a pictures to show how much fun we've been having lately with college students. A couple of weeks ago, we went out to eat at Mother's, a great New Orleans restaurant in the French Quarter, and then came back to our apartment to play games. We had a lot of international students that night so our game of Cranium was quite interesting!!

This past weekend was absolutely the perfect weekend. Friday night we took a bunch of students to eat at a little Italian restaurant in the Quarter . . . it was so yummy, but took quite a while for 20 of us to eat and get out of there. We then walked to a club in the Quarter that offers free salsa lessons from 9-10 pm and then you can stay and dance. Dinner took so long that we walked into the lessons right as they said they were finished. This made me a little nervous because most of us had no clue how to salsa and once again we had a lot of international students with us. The band starts playing and I quickly realize there was nothing to worry about . . . everyone was out on the dance floor having a blast. Our friends Ivan and Laura, the resident experts in salsa dancing, took turns teaching us some moves. We had so much fun!! We stayed for a couple of hours and the students were still dancing out the door as we left!

On Saturday and Sunday Chad and I did absolutely nothing . . . it was fabulous! I was actually sore from the salsa, ridiculous I know, but I really was. We read and exercised and watched Robin Hood. So good to have nothing you HAVE to do. On Sunday after church we went to eat at the Asian Super Buffet. Those who know me know that I love to eat, especially buffets. When we got home we took a two hour nap because that's what you do after a buffet. The day was so beautiful so after we got up we went to the lakefront to feed the birds. It was so relaxing and much needed.


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