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Friday, January 12, 2007

I know its been forever . . .

We haven't posted in a long time . . . sorry. But I am starting to make an intentional effort to take more pictures and then actually put them on the blog for all to see. We did take a few fun pictures at Christmas. We were in Kansas with my family for 10 days! It was so relaxing and so much fun. It even snowed a little bit on New Years Eve day, but not enough to sled or do snow angels which is about all I think snow is good for!

This was Clay's reaction to the Run DMC t-shirt that Chad and I got him for Christmas. He obviously picked it out because I would've never seen that shirt and thought "Yeah, thats perfect for Clay." But he liked it and thats all that matters.

Clay really surprised me this year with my Christmas prize. He made me a vase! He has taken pottery for years and I've begged him to make me one and I finally got it! I was so excited . . . I'm pretty sure there were a few tears too.

You can see the shocked look on our faces. This is because we were looking at a picture of our brand new washer and dryer that my parents got for us! It was so unbelievable. We have been using another couple's washer and dryer so it is very nice to now have our own. Thanks mom and dad!


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