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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fun times in Kansas!

Chad and I had a fabulous time with the family in KS! It was buck hot, but my dad surprised us by opening the pool so we could cool off. The guys played golf a few times, which Chad was really excited about, and mom took me shopping, which I was really exited about. Needless to say . . . it is good to be spoiled!! We also got to experience something new: the burning of the prairies and pastures. We missed the big festival they had last week, but don't worry, we went chasing fires anyway. We drove on some very country roads following "the glow" and finally found a huge pasture burning. I can definitely see how people become pyros . . . I was entranced. Here are some pictures that don't quite do justice to what we saw, but at least it gives you an idea. We even saw some cows walking around in the fire, but couldn't get a good pic.
We also went fishing with my parents on Saturday morning. Now get ready for my "huge fish that got away" story because I've got one. Nothing was biting until I got a big tug on my line and almost got pulled into the lake. Really. I screamed for help and my mom came running with the net as I tried to reel the bad boy in. I got him to the bank and I was staring a the biggest catfish I had ever seen. I haven't seen too many, but it really was huge. I'm still screaming because my mom has it pinned down with the net, but it had gotten off my hook. Just as Chad runs up to help, the big thing flopped right back in the water. I was pretty frustrated then, but even more so as the day rolled on. Everyone else caught something and we took a picture, but not me. I had two more bite, not as big as the catfish, but just big enough to break my line. So I had to take a picture holding up nothing instead of my fat catfish. How sad. Even so, we had a great time!!


Anonymous Jason said...

Well, it looks like Chad caught a monster, too. I can't tell is that bait that he's holding up or something that he caught? I got to go home this weekend, too. Even brought the girlfriend home to meet the family. She impressed everyone, especially daddy with her fishing skills. Anyway, ya'll be blessed.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Every time I go fishing with Stephen I lose a lure. I understand what you mean, Cole, b/c one of those times, the fish actually stole the lure. Truly sad times. At first, I thought those burning pictures were some of a cool sunset. Well, I guess the sun is really like fire, so it could be a decent guess. Ok, gotta go back to work. We miss you guys!

12:48 PM  
Blogger elly said...

Hey - I'm so glad you had pictures on here - what a sight for sore eyes! What are you doing in Shreveport - BCM work??

11:09 AM  
Blogger Beth(ie) said...

Fun times as always, Colbina! Plans for the future look like a secular masters from Florida State or University of Texas because they have both human development and arabic studies. We'll see, but I won't start until fall 2007 so there's time, which I love. Until then I will run around and visit great friends like YOU! Miss you lots! Beth Anne

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer Moore said...

hey coley-o! it's jenn moore. i loved your fishing story. don't worry, i believe you. i'm glad that life is going good for you. what are you and chad planning on doing? staying in s'port, moving, what? life's good here. just finishing out the school year and making wedding plans with joey penney. would love to hear from you! xanga me or something.

3:45 PM  

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