Our Life

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Movin' on up, to the east side . . .

Of New Orleans, that is! Yep, we're moving back to NOLA in just a few weeks. It is bittersweet because we have enjoyed Shreveport and its sad to say goodbye to new friends, but at the same time we are really excited to get back to New Orleans. I would have never dreamed it, but God really has given us such a heart and love for the city so we've been looking forward to going back since we left. We will be living on campus and both of us have jobs on campus too. Pray that the transition time will be good because I tend to get stressed during change. Can anyone relate? I'm also anticipating it being pretty emotional when we return. Most of my kids that I saw for work lived in the ninth ward and I have only heard from 5 of 25 families that I did therapy with. I want to try to find out about them, but I know it might not be good news. Please just pray for our hearts as we go back. We've been so blessed and we want to share that hope and blessing with a hurting city.