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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day at the Beach!

Last Saturday we took a group of 27 people to Gulf Shores for a day at the beach. It was so fun and absolutely beautiful! The 20 students were all international students so it was great getting to know them and see them interact with each other. There were 8 different countries represented! We even had one guy from Romainia come that was afraid of water . . . I guess he just needed to get out of New Orleans! I have lots of pictures so hopefully they communicate how much fun we had better than I could tell you.

We set up a tent for those that wanted to hang in the shade.

The Gilberts!

Me and Laura (from Columbia)

I love this picture . . . when would you ever see 2 guys from China, 1 from Trinidad and 1 from Austria talking and sitting in a circle on the beach!

3 of the girls getting to know each other.

Nadia and Christian from Ecuador.

Lei was getting bored so the guys buried him in the sand.

Here are all the guys that came with us.

And all the ladies that came along.

What a great group!

The trip was so encouraging for Chad and I! We love hanging out with these students and getting to know more about their countries and cultures. They are so brave to come to the US, not to mention to go to the beach with a bunch of strangers. Speaking of the beach . . . Chad and I are headed to Orlando tomorrow to vacation with my family!! We're so excited and some rest is much needed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chad and Cole!

Cole, I saw your comment on Em Taylor's blog and had to find you! I think about y'all often, wondering how you are doing. I read bits and pieces of your blog - enough to know that you are back in New Orleans at seminary. How long have you been there? Where are you working, Cole? I miss y'all! You can e-mail me at roosem@jbu.edu. I don't have a blog, but may be I need one!

Jesus reigns!

melissa roose

6:46 PM  

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