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Sunday, July 15, 2007

College Hiking Trip

On Saturday, we took a group of 34 international students hiking for the day. We went to Tunica Hills, which is right on the border of LA and MS and is only about 2 hours from New Orleans. Louisiana is pretty flat so I wasn't so sure how great the hiking would be, but the area was absolutely beautiful and had great hiking. We hiked for about 3 hours and of course it rained almost the whole time! We didn't mind the rain, though, because it was better than being blazing hot like usual!

All the students enjoyed themselves and did really well on the hike. I was nervous about twisted ankles and snake bites, but God kept us all safe so we were able to enjoy the day! :) It was a great opportunity to have good conversation with these students, many of whom we had never met. Please continue to pray that God would use Chad and I to share His Word and that His Name would be glorified!


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